Why The Organic Footnote?

Health is such a personal issue and it affects us in every moment. There can be single events or an accumulation of life experiences that bring us to the point of considering what health really is, especially our own health. There are guidelines established by the medical community based on years of research that can help us choose how many calories we need and from what food groups, what medications can get rid of viruses, and how much exercise is needed to reduce the risk of certain diseases. Another area that is gaining the interest of researchers is our health in relation to the products we interact with. Along with that is also their impact on our environmental systems and how that further affects our health.


We are inundated with ads that target our emotions and make us think that we need all these products, each one doing something useful and miraculous. Of course we need things but not everything is healthy for us. The sheer number of products and chemicals created makes it difficult to regulate what is available for purchase. In the U.S. there are dismal regulations in place to control harmful ingredients in cosmetics, cleaners, and even food. Currently the FDA bans 11 ingredients from cosmetics whereas the EU has banned over 1000. The biggest change we can expect from manufactures comes from consumers wanting clean products. In order for consumers to know what ingredients are harmful they have to be educated about them.


Navigating what is safe or not safe is exceedingly time consuming. This information is not readily available and there is so much conflicting information available how do we know what to believe? It seems like on one side there is just a push for consumerism and on the other scare tactics to make us feel like we can’t trust anything. My goal is to find the middle ground. Not everything causes cancer but not all products contribute to my well being or the Earth’s. I started down this path from a combination of a love of nature and my own health issues. I have a B.S. in Natural Resources with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship and a love for research. From my education I have a pretty good sense of what sources are credible and how to decipher scientific papers including tracing back to the footnotes. I have started on a journey to create a more educated world by bringing to my readers facts. In doing this I hope you can then decide what ingredients and products fit into your lifestyle based on what you feel is safe for you and our environment.

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